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The Federation of Engineering Institutions of Islamic Countries, hereinafter called the FEIIC, is an international non-profit professional organisation. Its Executive Board or Secretariat shall be located at a location to determined by the General Assembly.

The objectives of the FEIIC are:
    1.2.1 to reassess and highlight the contributions of Muslims towards strengthening the Ummah,
    1.2.2 to cooperate, integrate and exchange information by establishing global linkages and networks,
    1.2.3 to encourage and facilitate the movement of engineers and engineering students among Islamic countries,
    1.2.4 to assist human resource development in the field of engineering,
    1.2.5 to encourage the establishment of national and regional engineering bodies in Islamic countries, 
    1.2.6 to promote continuing education and training in engineering,
    1.2.7 to motivate engineers to work towards the social and economic developments in Islamic countries,
    1.2.8 to promote cooperation with Islamic governments and international institutions,
    1.2.9 to develop leading-edge technologies and industries,
    1.2.10 to formulate resource and environmental management strategies.