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Members of the Federation shall consist of:
    3.1.1 Honorary Fellows
    3.1.2 National Members
    3.1.3 Corporate Members
    3.1.4 Institutional Members
    3.1.5 Associate Members
    3.1.6 Individual Members

The General Assembly may, on the recommendation of the Council, appoint as Honorary Fellow a person who has made a significant contribution to the objectives of the FEIIC. Appointment as Honorary Fellow does not thereby confer on the person appointed any right nor impose on him any obligation.

National Members are the national professional engineering organisations of the Islamic countries. Where there are no appropriate institutions, the professional organization that is also responsible for the engineering fraternity can be considered.

The FEIIC shall have one National Member from each country and this shall be the major Institution of Engineers in that country. If there are several organisations of equal status, only one body in the form of a group of officially designated national committee and accepted by these organisations, shall be admitted as a National Member.

Differences in opinion on the composition and matters pertaining to the national committee (mentioned in Article 3.4) shall be resolved by the Council and approved by the General Assembly.

Corporate Members are engineering companies, consultants and contractors.

Institutional Members are higher education institutions, research and development organisations, associations and other related bodies at national level involved with engineering practices or related activities.

Associate Members are international or regional organisations and bodies involved directly or indirectly in engineering but interested in supporting the objectives of the FEIIC.

Individual Members are persons working in the field of engineering, and having a degree in engineering or its equivalence.