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The General Assembly shall consist of the President, Deputy President, Vice Presidents, Secretary General and three nominated representatives of each National Member, one representative of each Corporate, Institutional and Associate Members. In the event that a representative member is unable to attend the General Assembly, a written proxy shall be accepted.

Representatives of one-fourth of National Members shall constitute a quorum.

In any meeting of the General Assembly, each National Member shall be entitled to only one (1) vote. Corporate, Institutional, Associate and Professional Members are not eligible to vote. Every member of the Council shall have no right to vote except on those occasions when authorised to vote on behalf of a National Member. At meetings of the General Assembly, decisions shall be made by a simple majority vote of National Members present except otherwise specified in this constitution.

Any National Member who has not paid its annual fees by the due date in accordance with Article 11, para 11.4, shall not be entitled to exercise or benefit from any right or privilege of membership until the dues have been paid.

The General Assembly shall:
    6.5.1 Elect a Council for the ensuing two year period,
    6.5.2 Appoint any Working Committee that is deemed necessary for the conduct and administration of the work of the FEIIC,
    6.5.3 review the work carried out by the Working Committees, Groups or Task Forces of the FEIIC,
    6.5.4 on the recommendation of the Council, determine the amount of annual dues from members,
    6.5.5 examine and approve the FEIIC account,
    6.5.6 at the request of the Council, examine proposed amendments to the Constitution and to adopt those it approves,
    6.5.7 deal with such other matters as may be put before it,
    6.5.8 to terminate the membership, if it is so decided, on the recommendation of the Council in accordance with Article 5, para 5.2.

The General Assembly shall hold an ordinary meeting once every two years. The venue of the ordinary meetings shall be rotated among member countries. The ordinary meetings of the General Assembly shall be convened by the Council.