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The Council shall consist of:
    7.1.1 President
    7.1.2 Deputy President
    7.1.3 three (3) Vice Presidents
    7.1.4 Secretary General
    7.1.5 five (5) Ordinary Council Members

The President, Deputy President, Vice Presidents and Ordinary Council Members shall be representatives from different member countries of the FEIIC.

The representatives of the National Members who shall be elected in their personal capacities to the Council shall hold office until the end of the following ordinary meeting of the General Assembly.

The President of the FEIIC shall be the Chairman of the Council.

In the interest of continuity it is desirable the office-bearers shall hold office until the end of the next ordinary meeting of the General Assembly. In exceptional circumstances, where the elected member is no longer able to serve the Council effectively the National Member concerned may recommend a replacement for the consideration and acceptance of the Council.

The Council shall submit to all Members preferably two months in advance of the General Assembly nominations received from National Members for the offices of the President, Deputy President, Vice Presidents, and the other ordinary members of the Council. The Secretary General shall make adequate and appropriate arrangements for the calling of nomination.

At the meetings of the Council, decisions shall be made by a simple majority vote of the members present. Each member of the Council present shall have one vote, and if there is a tie, the Chairman shall have the casting vote. Five voting members of the Council shall constitute a quorum. In the event that a member of the Council is unable to attend a meeting, he/she may be represented by his/her proxy.

The Council shall meet during each ordinary meeting of the General Assembly or at least once a year.

A Special Meeting of the Council may be called by the President when requested by at least five (5) members of the Council.

Responsibility for transacting urgent business of the FEIIC shall be vested in the President or his deputy and the Secretary General. All decisions shall be reported for approval at the next Council meeting.

At the discretion of the President, matters deemed urgent may be decided by circulation among members of the Council.

Any casual vacancy arising in the position of Deputy President, Vice President and Ordinary Council Member may be filled, on the decision of the President, for the remaining period of the terms of office. Casual vacancy of the post of Secretary General shall be filled by the decision of the Council.

The Council shall have the power to create specific Committees, Groups and Task Forces in furtherance of the objectives of the FEIIC subject to the approval of the General Assembly in its next meeting.

The Council shall monitor the progress of activities of Committees, Groups and Task Forces of the FEIIC and may advise them for their effective functioning.

The Council shall have the power to accept unconditional donations from any sources for the FEIIC funds.

Council members may be removed by a simple majority vote upon two consecutive absences from Council meetings without sending proxies.