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The Secretary General shall be elected by the General Assembly on a proposal by the Council and shall hold office for two (2) years or for such times as the Council shall determine.

The Secretary General shall keep Members informed of important proposals, decisions and actions of the Council. He shall also arrange for a record of the proceedings of the Council meetings including statement of accounts to be communicated to each Member of the FEIIC at least two months before the ordinary meeting of the General Assembly.

The Secretary General is the chief executive officer of the FEIIC, and shall be responsible for the administration and supervision of the Executive Board and shall carry out such duties as are necessary to execute and foster the objectives, policies and instructions of the FEIIC including:
    9.3.1 organising and managing meetings of the FEIIC,
    9.3.2 implementing the decisions of meetings of the FEIIC,
    9.3.3 preparing the draft budget of the FEIIC,
    9.3.4 compiling and disseminating appropriate information,
    9.3.5 preparing and issuing publications,
    9.3.6 assisting Members in obtaining information,
    9.3.7 administering the property and the funds of the FEIIC,
    9.3.8 keeping members informed of important proposals, decisions and actions of the Council and of any action taken by officers,
    9.3.9 keeping in constant contact with UN Agencies and other organizations interested in seeking the assistance of the FEIIC for implementation of specific projects or for 
        undertaking special studies in furtherance of the FEIIC objectives,
    9.3.10 monitoring the Regional Offices
    9.3.11 performing such other duties as directed by the President, Council and General Assembly.

At the end of his term of office the Secretary General shall, without delay, hand over all documents, records, accounts and all other properties belonging to the FEIIC to the incoming Secretary General.