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Strategic Plan


The FEIIC shall lead global technological innovation and promote cooperation for the well-being of the Ummah

To achieve the above vision, the FEIIC shall :

  • Promote global linkages and network
  • Advance & share knowledge and expertise
  • Enhance active participation in the Federation’s activities
  • Develop leading edge technology
  • Formulate resource and environmental management strategies

Promote Global Linkages And Network

  • Develop database of expertise (e.g Who’s Who) 
  • Improve Homepage 
  • Establish effective communication and strengthen Regional Offices 
  • Launch membership drive 
  • Create discussion groups 
  • Obtain office space and appoint executive director

Advance And Share Knowledge And Expertise

  • Publish and maintain a high standard journal 
  • Organise prestigious conferences, workshops and specialists training courses 
  • Facilitate exchange of scholars 
  • Create study grants/awards 
  • Exploit information technology 
  • Formulate strategies and establish centres for R&D

Enhance Active Participation In The Federation’s Activities

  • Aggressive marketing of activities 
  • Establish specialist and national groups 
  • Consolidate multipurpose international activities 
  • Award and acknowledge prominent contribution 
  • Ensure continuous government support 
  • Create business opportunity

Develop Leading Edge Technology And Industries

  • Exploit space technology 
  • Identify and promote leading edge technologies 
  • Encourage industrial linkages 
  • Exploit biological technology 
  • Formulate business plan

Formulate Resource & Environmental Management Strategies

  • Inculcate awareness in environmental issues 
  • Establish disaster and relief programmes
  • Develop strategies for sustainable food supply 
  • Encourage sustainable resources utilization in Islamic countries 
  • Enhance cooperation and manage human resource in Islamic countries
Activities Implement by Starting date Completion date
Establish three (3) Regional Offices     Jan 2000
Establish Management Information System Group     Jan 2000
Publish FEIIC newsletter   Immediate  
Publish FEIIC Journal of Engineering   Jan 2000  
Establish five (5) specialist/discussion groups     Jun 2000
Publish FEIIC directory (similar to Who's Who)     Dec 2000
Organise one (1) conference per year   Jan 2000  
Conduct one (1) training course/workshop per year   Jan 2000  
Establish Virtual University   Jan 2000  
Develop one (1) teaching software per year   Jan 2000  
Create one (1) active national working group per year   Jan 2000  
Obtain USD 25000 research grant per year   Jan 2000  
Develop one technology     Dec 2000
:Launch one (1) outreach programme   Dec 2000  
Obtain five (5) new members per year   Jan 2000  
Conduct roundtable discussion to identify business investments   Jan 2000  
Conduct roundtable discussion on Space Technology   Jan 2000  
Conduct roundtable discussion on Resource and Environment Management   Jan 2000  
Conduct roundtable discussion on infrastructure for leading edge technology   Jan 2000  
Conduct roundtable discussion to formulate a business plan   Jan 2000  
Conduct roundtable discussion on Leading Edge Technologies   Jan 2000  
Conduct roundtable discussion on Biological Technologies   Jan 2000  
Encourage adoption of ISO9000 procedures   Immediately  
Improve homepage monthly and maintain at FEIIC server   Jan 2000  
Establish a committee on Fund generation   Jan 2000