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FEIIC Visit to Indonesia

The FEIIC Kuala Lumpur Regional Office jurisdiction. Indonesia has been a member of the Federation of Engineering Institutions of Islamic Countries (FEIIC) for several years but has not been participating in the federation’s activities for some time. The FEIIC/mSET visit to Indonesia was planned with the objective of establishing a good communication line with key engineers in Indonesia, particularly with those in the Persatuan Insinyur Indonesia (PII). The Malaysian Society for Engineering & Technology, a member of FEIIC, is also keen to develop a close relationship with engineers in Indonesia.

The visit led by Prof Megat Johari Megat Mohd Nor, Deputy President, FEIIC and Secretary General of mSET included a courtesy call on senior engineers at PII Headquarters in Jakarta, a Global Engineering Education Seminar in Yogjakarta, and a meeting with the Faculty of Industrial Technology in Institut Teknologi Bandung, Bandung. A memorandum of understanding was signed between PII Cabang Yogyakarta and mSET to facilitate cooperation in engineering activities between the two bodies. Prof Megat Johari was accompanied by Prof Abang Abdullah Abang Ali, Immediate Past President, FEIIC and President, mSET and Prof Rosnah Mohd Yusuf, Executive Director, FEIIC KL Regional Office and Vice President, mSET.

Prof Megat Johari gave a presentation on FEIIC and mSET emphasing on Malaysia’s entry into the Washington Accord and relating Malaysia’s assistance as nominator for Pakistan and Bangladesh as provisional signatory of the accord and our wish to assist Indonesia in joining the accord.

Under Dr Ir Akhmad Suraji, PII Cabang Yogyakarta is keen to develop a close relationship with FEIIC and mSET. A Global Seminar on Engineering Education was organized at the Institute of Science and Technology AKPRIND with the Opening Speech given by the Rector Ir. Sudarsono, M.T. and presentation on Recent Developments in Engineering Education & Training by Prof Abang Abdullah Abang Ali and International Accreditation of Engineering Qualifications by Prof Megat Johari Megat Mohd Nor followed by a Panel Discussion chaired by Dr Ir Akhmad Suraji.

A discussion session was held between senior officers of the Faculty of Industrial Technology, Institut Teknologi Bandung and the FEIIC/mSET delegation. The dean Dr Hermawan K. Dipojono, was keen to participate in FEIIC and mSET activities especially the ICEE2011 in Medinah. A collaborative arrangement shall be pursued in the area of ergonomics between the faculty and mSET Interest Group in Ergonomics which is headed by Prof Rosnah Mohd Yusuf.

The FEIIC/mSET visit to Indoesia has open doors to future collaboration between PII and FEIIC and mSET. PII President, Dr Ir Muhammad said Didu is keen to participate in FEIIC activities and share his vast knowledge and experience in engineering issues in the industry and community. Dr Ir Akhmad Suraji from PII Cabang Yogjakarta is ready for collaborative activities between PII Cabang Yogjakarta and mSET and FEIIC. And ITB welcomes close collaboration in research especially in ergonomics and shall encourage its academic staff to participate in FEIIC’s activities.

The visit has been successful in establishing a communication line between Indonesia, FEIIC and mSET.